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A Masterspec Product Partner

About Masterspec

Construction Information Limited (CIL), operating as Masterspec, is New Zealand’s market leader in providing specification systems and supporting software for the construction industry.

Formed in 1995, CIL provides the Masterspec specification systems to architects, engineers, designers, utility companies, government organisations and tertiary institutions. There are seven specification libraries on the Masterspec system comprising over 1000+ work sections covering the entire construction process. The libraries are:

  • Masterspec Standard for commercial, industrial and large residential projects
  • Masterspec Structural & Civil for structural and civil engineered projects
  • Masterspec Services for building services in commercial and industrial projects
  • Masterspec Landscapes for landscape projects
  • Masterspec Basic for residential projects
  • Masterspec Interiors for all interior projects
  • Masterspec Minor Residential for minor residential alterations
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The strength of CIL’s product range is enhanced by the company’s industry ownership – CIL is 100% owned by the New Zealand Institute of Architects and the Registered Master Builders’ Association.