The panels are simply connected by the use of an interlocking groove, giving the elegant appearance of a recessed joint. Interlocking Panels does not require plywood substrate, they are fixed onto supporting timber or metal framework using mechanical fixings, which are concealed in the joint.

The system belongs to the rain-screen sector (wall cladding installed with a pressure equalised, ventilated air space). It will require vapour barrier or waterproof membrane behind the supporting framework.


Interlocking panels are ideal for use on new homes or existing buildings. They are installed as conventional weatherboard planks, resembling the look of a Rusticated Weatherboard wood paneling.

Areas of application could include:

  • Facade
  • Soffits
  • Fascias
  • Chimney Cladding
  • Interior Feature Walls

Suitable for wall cladding ONLY;

Negative joint size – 2 – 25 mm;

Variable Pan size from 155 – 300 mm unsupported;

Pan size over 300 mm will require back support,We will use fire rated POLYFOAM 24 mm;

Max panel length – 6.0 m for pre-painted steel; 4.0 m for any other material;

Can be manufactured in following materials only:

  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium Zinc
  • Aluminum

Panel depth is fixed to 24 mm. Flat pan is variable from 155 to 300 mm with no back support. For pan width over 300 mm, backing is required. Max width 400 mm. Recessed joint width is adjustable from 2 to 25 mm.

Maximum panel length will depend on the material chosen. Thermal expansion / contraction are the key deciding factors. We will recommend max 4.0 lengths for Copper, Zinc, Aluminum or Stainless Steel. For any pre-painted steel we will recommend 6.0 m maximum.