Super Seam is our latest tray system for roofing & cladding providing sleek lines and  wider pans giving off an elegant European look without the additional cost of a substrate thus reducing costs.  Purlin spacing to be at 600 centers max.

Super Seam is a wide tray roofing system roll formed in single length trays, hidden fixed to purling.  Trays  are  snapped  together  using the hidden clips and the specially designed over and under of the tray.

Super Seam

Super seam allows a much greater flexibility in design than other standard long run profiles. Tray sizes may vary depending on design requirements. Super seam is an ideal cladding for roof, façade, soffit and fascia areas. Using traditional European techniques Super seam will enhance the style or type of building. Because of super seams flexibility with complex designs and shapes it can be handled relatively with ease.


Super seam is ideal for use on new homes, reroofing, and existing buildings where a stylish versatile cladding system is desirable.

Areas of application could include:

  • Roof
  • Facade
  • Turrets
  • Domes
  • Soffits
  • Fascias

Super Seam is also ideal for creating features as:

  • Chimney cladding
  • Flashings
  • Interior feature walls
  • Pillar and column surrounds
  • Gable and infill
  • Gothic style homes
  • Entrance canopies
SnapSeamWClipRelief Diagram

Suitable for wall cladding and roofs with a minimum pitch of 3°

Variable pan from 200 to 630 mm

Seam height – 45mm overall Height

Can be manufactured in full range of materials:

  • Copper (Plywood Substrate required)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium Zinc
  • Aluminum 0.80g
  • VITOR+, VITOR+ZX or LUX – 0.55g Steel

Minimum pitches are dependent on factors like tray lengths, local conditions like snow zones, wind and rainfall intensities. Please consult with us for recommendations. A maximum tray length depends on the material used, roof pitch and local conditions.


Super seam is available in a variety of widths. We can offer 250 & 450 Wide pans as our most cost effective widths for manufacture and installation.  Please consult with us for alternative tray sizing.

Download Super Seam Brochure