TRS Clad

Steel Roofing and Cladding Profile

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TRS Clad longrun steel roofing

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TRS Clad profile is designed to be economical wall cladding for residential, industrial and commercial projects. It is available in G550 grade steel with minimum 0.40mm BMT and maximum 0.55 BMT (Base Metal Thickness).

Specification at a glance



  • End Span 0.40/0.55 BMT: 1100 mm/1450 mm

  • Internal Span 0.40/0.55 BMT: 1200 mm/1600 mm


  • End Span 0.40/0.55 BMT: 700 mm/900 mm

  • Internal Span 0.40/0.55 BMT: 1000 mm/900 mm

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Steeltite: 12 x 25mm with neo washer and embossed washer
Timbertite: class 4 12 x 25mm with neo washer and embossed washer, Cladding fixing on 25mm, H 3.1 treated battens


All fixings and fasteners are to be of an approved type, compatible with all materials, the environment and meeting the requirements of the NZ Building Code. Installation is to be in accordance with the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice or manufacturer’s instructions. Fix every crest to: Ridge, Hip, Valley, Gutter and Periphery area. Underlay as per the project specification is to be used.

Please note - product specification details are not yet available for TRS Clad - but will be coming soon.


TRS Clad

Colour & finish options

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TRS Clad finish options


TRS Clad colour options

In Vitor+ and Vitor+ ZX


Please note: 0.40 available for all colours. * marked for 0.55 availability.


In Lux


Please note: All Lux is available in 0.55mm base metal thickness Grade G300 and is suitable for a wide range of architectural roofing, internal and external wall claddings, rainwater goods and general usage.

While all colours shown are as closely matched to the true colour as possible, they are not an exact match due to digital colour limitations. For a true colour match, please request a colour swatch from your local store.